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Our Services


Air Freight
We offer complete range of air freight services
  1. Import consolidations
  2. Export consolidations
  3. Import / Export direct shipments
  4. Containerization services
  5. Express courier
  6. Sea-air shipments
  7. Warehousing
  8. Air cargo insurance
  9. Cross trade


Sea Freight
  1. Less Container Load Consolidation
  2. Buyers’ own consolidation      
  3. Full Container Load            
  4. Refrigerated Container          
  5. Freight Customs Clearance            
  6. Oversize and Project Shipment Handling 
  7. Ocean Cargo insurance 


Project Cargo
Voluminous cargo, either by weight, size or quantity, or composed of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled. A wide variety of sectors have project cargo needs, including oil & gas, automotive, construction and RIG shipments.

We work closely with the heavy lift contractor companies tailoring solutions to our customers needs.
AGI has the expertise to handle such cargo thanks to its logistics capabilities, precise timing, wide geographical knowledge, and global connections to coordinate project cargo movements from origin to destination.


Warehousing service (3PL & 4 PL) - Bonded and Non-bonded facility
Our Warehouse systems is a fully integrated software suite covering 3PL and 4PL operations and has a simple user interface that it can easily be tailored to meet individual needs.

The 4PL module allows the warehouse operator to run part or all any customer's accounts on their behalf. The 4PL accounting services can range from invoicing, collecting and banking money through to general ledger balance sheet and profit/loss (i.e. all of their accounting functions). The powerful selling price structure allows the AGI to cater for customers' many and varied price schemes and price specials. AGI Warehouse systems will alert customers of low and excessive stock levels, track stock by expiry date and batch numbers.

The 4PL option means that the AGI can supply a full warehouse service plus a full accounting and even office management service. The customer no longer needs accounting software and staff plus the overheads of office space, leaving them free to allocate all of their resources to product sourcing and sales.

Key Features
  1. 3PL and 4PL options
  2. Sales Order processing
  3. Stock control
  4. Multiple warehouses, zones and branches
  5. Web access for customers
  6. Automatic billing
  7. Flexible billing for each client
  8. Integrated accounts
  9. Transport company electronic interface
  10. User configurable
  11. Invoices and other documents can be printed, emailed or faxed
  12. In-built fax gateway
  13. Flexible inner/outer pack setup
  14. Barcodes
  15. Serial Number, Batch & expiry date tracking
  16. Kit sets
  17. Product style, size & colour
  18. EDI interface